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Take your marketing and advertising strategies to the next level with an attention grabbing LED sign from FINEST LED SIGNS.† For† less then $3.00 a day, (the price of your daily espresso from Starbucks) you can advertise 24 hours a day, seven days a week to the perfect prospect, the one who drives by every day.

An LED sign is more cost effective then all other mainstream forms of advertising.† Television, radio, and print can not come close to the price that an LED sign allows when advertising to thousands of people.††

Not only† is advertising on a LED sign cheaper, it is customizable.† You may change your messages daily as your business dictates.† Change colors, languages, graphics, speed of display, and any other part of your message.† Finest LED Signs have 8 languages, multiple font and color combinations and 400 graphics built in.†

Our FULL COLOR signs can play videos and display pictures. You can even have text scroll over a picture background.† You are only limited by your own imagination.†

An LED sign can be displayed inside or outside of your business.†† Donít wait on the economy to turn around on its own.† Take control of your businessís future, by advertising† with a FINEST LED SIGN.

Services Available

Affordable Leasing Options

For less then $3.00 a day you can advertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.† The most cost effective advertising† available anywhere.

Customizable† Advertising

Change your message as often as you like, add your daily specials, use the 400 preloaded graphics and multiple colors for extra attention. All signs store 99 modifiable messages in memory.

Increase Your Business By 15% To 150%

The Small Business Associationsí studies show the average business using an EMC (Electronic Message Center) sees an increase of† 15% to 150%† in their business!

Quality Signs

With no moving parts, your LED sign will give you years of eye catching advertising.† It is waterproof and can be installed inside, in a window, or outside.† Larger signs† have full metal enclosures and our exclusive Double Bright Technology with Double Red bulbs.† Hardware to hang or mount† the sign is included.


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